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February 2024: Alison Lock, translated by Cătălina–Diana Teliban, Issue No 238.

December 2023: Patrick Osada, translated by Ioana– Alexandra Drangoi, Issue No 237.

December 2023: Niel Leadbeater, translated by Adelina Marina Mirică, Issue No 236.

December 2023: A C Clarke, translated by Gabriela Cojocaru, Issue No 235.

September 2023: Hilary Elficke, translated by Alexandru Floroiu, Issue No 234.

September 2023: Simone Mansell Broome, translated by Elena–Adexandra Papadopol, Issue No 233.

April 2023: Graham Burchell, translated by Raluca–Mihaela Bițoană, Issue No 232.

March 2023: Joan Michelson, translated by Silvia Petrescu, Issue No 231.

March 2023: Maggie Butt, translated by Cristina Botîlcă, Issue No 230.

March 2023: Imtiaz Dharker, translated by Tina Petroiu, Issue No 229.

February 2023: Matthew Caley, translated by Florin Cristian Proca, Issue No 228.

February 2023: Clare Pollard, translated by Ștefan Prioteasa, Issue No 227.

February 2023: Wayne Holloway Smith, translated by Virgil–Andrei Mălișcă, Issue No 226.

February 2023: Robyn Bolam, translated by Ștefan Alexandru Badea, Issue No 225.

November 2022: Jane Griffiths, translated by Alexandra–Mihaela Ghencea, Issue No 224.

November 2022: Aibhe Darcy, translated by Bianca–Ștefana Dumitru–Olea, Issue No 223.

March 2022: Clare Shaw, translated by Gabriela Rusăi, Issue No 222.

March 2022: Nia Davies, translated by Bianca–Diana Ene, Issue No 221.

January 2022: Dan Lungu, coordinated by Prof. Nadina Vișan, Issue No 220.

December 2021: Nick Drake, translated by Bianca–Alexandra Ferdinand, Issue No 219.

October 2021: Rita Ann Higgins, translated by Bianca Andreea Ioniță, Issue No 218.

October 2021: Greta Stoddart, translated by Ioana–Diana Simion, Issue No 217.

May 2021: Joanne Limburg, translated by Diana–Alexandra Nițu, Issue No 216.

May 2021: Caitríona O'Reilly, translated by Andreea–Gabriela Orășanu, Issue No 215.

May 2021: Philip Gross, translated by Roxana Cristina Gheorghe, Issue No 214.

April 2021: Penelope Shuttle, translated by Jessica Sandu, Issue No 213.

November 2020: Leanne O'Sullivan, translated by Andreea Panțîru, Issue No 212.

November 2020: Ahren Warner, translated by Silvia Staicu, Issue No 211.

October 2020: Gwyneth Lewis, translated by Gabriela Munteanu, Issue No 210.

October 2020: Fleur Adcock, translated by Cornelia Alexandru, Issue No 209.

September 2020: Niall Campbell, translated by Bianca Cojocaru, Issue No 208.

July 2020: Pascale Petit, translated by Daniela Preda, Issue No 207.

June 2020: Ruth Fainlight, translated by Mădălina Filipov, Issue No 206.

June 2020: Moniza Alvi, translated by Anda Roberta Anton, Issue No 205.

April 2020: Lawrence Sail, translated by Elena Maria Purcea, Issue No 204.

March 2020: Jane Clarke, translated by Alexandra Iuliana Costache, Issue No 203.

January 2020: Andrew Greig, translated by Andreea Fotescu, Issue No 202.

October 2019: Esther Morgan, translated by Adriana Oprișan, Issue No 201.

October 2019: Gabriela Adameșteanu, translated by Amalia Radu, Issue No 200.

September 2019: Cristian Teodorescu, translated by Alexandru Tonca, Issue No 199.

July 2019: Florina Ilis, translated by Irina Mihai, Issue No 198.

April 2019: Lavinia Braniște, translated by Andrada Mingiuc, Issue No 197.

March 2019: Norman Manea, translated by Valentina Podoiu, Issue No 196.

February 2019: Cosmin Manolache, translated by Gabriela Focșăneanu, Issue No 195.

January 2019: Matei Vișniec, translated by Cristina Popișter, Issue No 194.

December 2018: Radu Pavel Gheo, translated by Ștefan Mălaimare, Issue No 193.

November 2018: Filip Florian, translated by Ioana Agafiței, Issue No 192.

November 2018: Ioana Pârvulescu, translated by Maria Rizoiu, Issue No 191.

July 2018: Poems by Alan Jenkins, translated by Aureliana Grama, Issue No 190.

May 2018: Poems by Claudiu Komartin, translated by Alice Berescu, Issue No 189.

May 2018: Poems by Emil Brumaru, translated by Simona Husariu, Issue No 188.

April 2018: Poems by Șerban Foarță, translated by Daniela Rai, Issue No 187.

March 2018: Poems by Bogdan A. Stănescu, translated by Andrei Tănase, Issue No 186.

March 2018: Poems by Romulus Bucur, translated by Adrian Bucur, Issue No 185.

January 2018: Poems by Dan Mircea Cipariu, translated by Alina Deacu, Issue No 184.

January 2018: Poems by Angela Marinescu, translated by Andreea Voicu, Issue No 183.

October 2017: Poems by Adrian Popescu, translated by Ioana Poenaru, Issue No 182.

September 2017: Poems by Ovidiu Genaru, translated by Ira Beratlief, Issue No 181.

September 2017: Poems by Marian Drăghici, translated by Antonia Caia, Issue No 180.

August 2017: Poems by Teodor Dună, translated by Silviu Buzatu, Issue No 179.

July 2017: Poems by Nina Cassian, translated by Iulia Dodu, Issue No 178.

June 2017: Poems by Matei Vișniec, translated by Ioana Săbău, Issue No 177.

June 2017: Poems by Dan Sociu, translated by Ana–Maria Țone, Issue No 176.

January 2017: Poems by Ioana Ieronim, translated by Oana Diaconu, Issue No 175.

January 2017: Poems by Liviu Ioan Stoiciu, translated by Alexandra Velicu, Issue No 174.

December 2016: Poems by Ana Blandiana, translated by Eliza Biță, Issue No 173.

December 2016: Poems by Marta Petreu, translated by Raluca Benea, Issue No 172.

November 2016: Poems by Gabriel Chifu, translated by Anca Romete, Issue No 171.

November 2016: Poems by Cassian Maria Spiridon, translated by Izabela Vațe, Issue No 170.

November 2016: Poems by Mircea Dinescu, translated by Manuela Chira, Issue No 169.

October 2016: Poems by Mircea Cărtărescu, translated by Andrei Bîrsan, Issue No 168.

October 2016: Poems by Robert Șerban, translated by Ana–Maria Albu, Issue No 167.

August 2016: Poems by Ioan Moldovan, translated by Elena Bușă, Issue No 166.

July 2016: Poems by Virgil Diaconu, translated by Eduard Simion, Issue No 165.

July 2016: Poems by Lawrence Sail, translated by Cristina Donescu, Issue No 164.

June 2016: Poems by Maggie Butt, translated by Ioana Ieronim, Issue No 163.

June 2016: Six Legends by Zitkala–Ša, translated by Cristina Mandache, Issue No 162.

May 2016: Short story by Arthur Conan Doyle, translated by Alina Diaconescu, Issue No 161.

March 2016: Fairy tale by Oscar Wilde, translated by Irina Borțoi, Issue No 160.

March 2016: Short story by Edgar Allan Poe, translated by Anca Gheorghiu, Issue No 159.

February 2016: Short story by H. G. Wells, translated by Victor Năvală, Issue No 158.

February 2016: Short story by H. G. Wells, translated by Diana Ivan, Issue No 157.

January 2016: Short story by Arthur Conan Doyle, translated by Beatrice Ahmad,
Issue No 156.

January 2016: Short story by Wilkie Collins, translated by Minodora Tunaru, Issue No 155.

November 2015: H. G. Wells, translated by Maria Lucescu, Issue No 154.

November 2015: Anthony Trollope, translated by Cristina Geantă, Issue No 153.

October 2015: Oscar Wilde, translated by Ionuț Tudor, Issue No 152.

October 2015: Short story by Jerome K. Jerome, translated by Alexandra Dumitrescu, Issue No 151.

September 2015: Short story by Thomas Hardy, translated by Cristina Drăgoi, Issue No 150.

August 2015: Poems by Gabriel Chifu, Issue No 149.

July 2015: Poems by Nicolae Prelipceanu, Issue No 148.

July 2015: Excerpts from a novel by Doina Ruști, Issue No 147.

June 2015: Poems by Ioan Es Pop, Issue No 146.

June 2015: Poems by Lucian Mănăilescu, Issue No 145.

May 2015: Poems by Matei Vișniec, Issue No 144.

May 2015: Poems by Nicolae Coande, Issue No 143.

April 2015: Poems by Leah Fritz, Issue No 142.

April 2015: Poems by Dinu Flămând, Issue No 141.

March 2015: Horia Dulvac, Issue No 140.

March 2015: Poems by Merryn Williams, Issue No 139.

February 2015: Poems by Augustin Ioan, Issue No 138.

17 September 2012: Magda Cârneci, Bogdan Suceavă, and Anne Stewart.

20 August 2012: Nigel Walker, Doina Rusti, Matei Visniec, Dora Pavel, Coman Sova, and Florin Manolescu.


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